I’m Celest. Born in Copenhagen and lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 2010. I’m fluent in Swedish, English and Danish.

My passion is healing in every form. To be whole.

In my sessions and online courses I mix my knowledge of spirituality, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Healing, Numerology, Intuitive coaching, Dog communication and therapy (I’m a certified Dog Listener), healing foods inspired by Medical Medium and much more.

More quality in your life
My skill is that I’m able to see what you need and help you tailor a way forward to heal whatever obstacle, symptom has come in your way.

My joy is to help you to a life filled with more quality and less feeling unloved, not understood and always fighting something.

I’m driven by my great curiosity and a faith that there’s always a way.

Family therapy
I enjoy working with families, children, teenagers and parents who needs guidance or help out of a situation.

My expertise is to be able to interpret and communicate what is going on in your relation and also let everybody be heard and seen for who they are.

Do you have a teenager you cannot communicate with?

Do you have challenges in your relationship?

Do you question yourself as a mum or dad?

Let me help you to understand you. I will not tell you how to be. I will mirror you and help you understand yourself.

We are not complex people but if we have moved away from our core and longings, our system may cause struggle and self identity issues.

I don’t believe in bodies not healing. I will always try to make you see new ways of coming back to being whole.

Besides from all my ‘spiritual courses’, I have a Master in Communications and Psychology and ten years of experience working international business communication.

Think you need my guidance? Contact me on info@nordichealing.net.